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Magic Closet Music is the name of my publishing company. It is also the name of my studio. The studio pictured above is quite different from how it began back in the 1970’s when we used two Tascam 4 track machines to record everything (bouncing back and forth between machines adding additional tracks with each bounce) , and relied on various analog tricks, tape delays, and sheer ingenuity to create effects.  Our first ISO booth was in fact a converted closet (hence the name “Magic Closet”), where a number of great musicians and vocalists rendered memorable performances.

The studio today features a 15’ X 17’ acoustically designed control room, amply appointed to comfortably accommodate production and support staff.  The primary recording platform is Digital Performer utilizing the latest state of the art equipment, extensive sample libraries, featuring numerous “soft synth’s” including (among others) Native Instruments “East/West” Orchestral library, Omnishpere/Atmospheres, and the latest state of the art plug-in’s from Lexicon,  Wave, and others.  Studio hardware includes, MOTU 2408, Avalon 737sp tube mic pre-amp, Focusrite ISA 828 mic pre-amps, Genelec self-powered reference monitors, and Mojave tube and condenser microphones.

Since the recording of acoustic instruments performed by live musicians is every bit as important to me now as ever, we have replaced the original closet with an actual 12.5’ X 13.5’ “live room” with custom acoustic treatment, a high pitched ceiling, and wood floors. The live room is designed to accommodate a variety of acoustic sources including vocal groups and soloists, strings, horns, acoustic guitars, drums and percussion.

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Copyright 2015 - All rights reserved